5th Jumla Rara Marathon

After the huge success of the fourth series of the Jumla Rara Ultra Marathon, we are introducing 5th ujmla
Rara Ultra Marathon on the occasion of the new year 2081 B.S. The race starts from Jumla Bazaar
(2305m), and finishes at the Rara lake (2990m). The trail measures 49 km , The Trail is basically
uphill and downhill, the trail has three steep uphills Dhaphe (3500m), Bhulbhule (2950m) and
Chuchemara (4017m). The trail is rich in natural elements and we can see species like bushes, shrubs and flowering herbs high-value Non-Timber Forest Products ie. Padamchal, Jatamansi, Kutki, punchable, etc.
Similarly, the trail is occupied by rural villages with broadleaf and coniferous forests with a dominant
of Pinus, Dhupi, Gurans, Bhojpatra, Khasru, etc. The last few kilometers from Dhaba via
Chuchemara Range (4356m) to the finishing line is the most challenging, as runners should run on
ridges of mountains with narrow paths with steep uphill and downhill having beautiful views of
Rara lakes and mountains.