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Karnali Sports Club (KSC), Jumla is a social, non-government, non-political and non-profit organization registered in District Sports Office, Jumla and operating in Jumla district. It was established on dated 2064 B.S. The aims of the Club is to develop Jumla as High Altitude training center at the same time working for the betterment of community, children through sports.

Karnali Sports Club is completely under supervision and guidance of Mr.Hari Rokaya; a three time Everest Marathon Winner, a Guinness book of record holder and Senior Athletic coach.
He is also the founder president of this Club.Karnali sports club is established with the aim of motivate youth on sports and promote Jumla as a High Altitude Training Center in Nepal.

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    Training Center

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Our Mission

KSC mission is to be established as high altitude training hub in Nepal, promote sports and sport tourism in region. KSC does have resources to train extreme level of trainings for high altitude grounds and trainers. Karnali local commuinties are very active in sports so KSC wants to make a positive impact for providing a strong ground for new players and national level players.

KSC mission is to inspire new generation about marathon and to raise awareness about sports and its needs.

KSC wants to create awareness in thr community, not just about marathon but also about importance of tourism.

soraj shahi ceo
Message from our Chairman

Mr. Soraj Shahi

Chairman Karnali Sports Club

The Karnali Sports Club has always placed a particular emphasis on ensuring sport is progressive and attracts athletes from every corner of our country. From every age group and from all social backgrounds this is a fundamental principle of the local sports partnerships which aim to remove any barrier that prevents training, development and participation in sport. The club provides free trainings and or organize different social campaigns and events to ensure local sports partnerships to key agencies in providing opportunities for more people to become involved in sport and social activities.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to promote and develop Jumla as a sports hub and high altitude training center. I wish everybody involved in Karnali Sports Club partnership all the best for future.

hari rokaya
Message from rokaya family

Hello from the top of the world

I welcome you all to join Karnali Sports Club for training in high altitude sports.

I thank each and every community member, organization who has shown constant support and encouragement so far. Looking forward to uniting with each and every one of you for the SPORTS.


Mr. Hari Rokaya

Founder / Coach

Mr. Soraj Shahi


Dr. Nabin Thapa

Vice President

CApt. Hikmat Rokaya


Mr. Madhu Raj Neupane


Mr. Dhanraj Sunar

Joint Secretary

Ms. Sita Neupane


Mr. Umesh Rokaya


Mr. Mahendra Karki


Ms. Sunmaya Budha


Ms. Muna KC

Marketing Ambassador